We unionise all architectural workers in these beliefs:

  • We fight against the architecture that capitalises on crisis
  • We know that housing can be truly affordable
  • We oppose the eradication of bodies, memories, and landscapes
  • We believe in an equal right to housing
  • We will not be exploited to push out the exploited
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We acknowledge that our lives have been built on the destruction of others
  • We will not disguise destructive development with a friendly facade
  • We do not see beauty in death
  • We will destroy the image
  • We will expose the corruption
  • We refuse to be complacent or complicit
  • We speak alongside the people whose voices are systematically silenced
  • We will not weed our streets to sow the seeds of regeneration
  • We are against the architecture of control
  • We do not accept that demolition is necessary or inevitable
  • We believe in building social and economic networks before physical structures
  • Architecture is inherently a practice of change. We have the power to choose how.

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