Collective Empowerment Through Sharing

Collective Empowerment Through Sharing‘ is a pamphlet that tells the stories of the work and labour of architectural workers as collected through a series of interviews and surveys (November 2017–present): the experiences of over 100 people working in the profession. Based on our experiences, we’ve developed a framework of tools and tactics which can be used to re-frame our workplace oppression into collective action.

This is still a live project. Fill in the survey here and/or email us if you’d like to be interviewed.

Click here for a free .PDF

Click here to read online




If you’d like a printed copy please email us, alternatively you can pick up a copy at Freedom Press, Aldgate.

Design by:

Collective Empowerment Through Sharing’ pamphlet printed for ‘What (price) do we pay to work in architecture?’, w/ Workers’ Inquiry: Architecture, Whitechapel, 3 May 2018.


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