/ Dear Architects’ Workshop, Galerie Architektury, Brno, Czech Republic, 27th November 2018.

/ ‘How can unionisation resist gentrification?’ event, 56a Infoshop, London, 10th June 2018.

/ ‘Collective Empowerment Through Sharing’ pamphlet produced for ‘What (price) do we pay to work in architecture?’, w/ Workers’ Inquiry: Architecture, Whitechapel, 3 May 2018.

/ Episode 17: Saturday 3rd, Building on Air! Podcast, w/ Keefer Dunn.

/ ‘Working for What?‘ shown at Fundamentals: The Way We Work event, Central Saint Martins, London, 8 February 2018.

/ AGAINST UNDISCLOSED SALARIES – an Open Letter, w/ Evening Class, 23 January 2018.

/ Architectural Workers @ Architects for Social Housing residency, ICA, London, 15-20 August 2017.

/ ‘Architecture Working‘ shown at For Reference Only event, Architecture Fringe: InfraStructure, Civic House, Glasgow, 18 July 2017.

/ Alice Ashton, ‘What is the Architect’s Role in the Housing Crisis? – report from meeting at Cressingham Gardens‘, Brixton Buzz, 6 July 2017.

/ What is the Architect’s Role in the Housing ‘Crisis’? event, Cressingham Gardens, London, 28 June 2017. Download the full Transcript.

/ ‘Architecture Working‘ shown at Dependent on Experience event, Evening Class, London, 15 June 2017.

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